Mordan is home to a vast bounty of races, from big to small to weak to strong. There are 5 playable races and each of them with their own unique attributes and relationships. Within Mordan, there is little stability between the races and rival factions can cause rife between their own and other races by conflicting ethics and ideas. You may have any playable race as one of your Primary characters and Storymasters may use NPC races and characters for stories as well along with their own Primary Character.

It is recommended that you look through the summary of each race, then pick two races that interest you and click on the main article for more information about each race to help make choices about your decision. Not all information about races are placed on this page, so it is wise that you look closely at the Attributes of each race and the main article for any extra information.

Playable Races

In the Fallen Whispers RP, there are 6 playable races which anyone can use as their Primary Characters. Each race has their own history, attributes and stats so make note of them when you decide to make a particular character race.


Click here for main article on Humans

Humans were one of the first inhabitants of Mordan and history dates back to the Fourth Age of their existance. Humans are generally the "Middle" Class, but by selecting a human race character you gain the Human Valor attribute. Humans share a strong alliance with Dwarfs. If you wish to create a human character, you have an additional 8 points to spend on the following stats:

Strength - 10

Agility - 10

Intelligence - 10

Stamina - 10

Magic - 10

Senses - 10

Attributes - Human Valor


Humans are dispised across the world of Mordan for being stereotyped as greedy and uncaring. Other races tend to try not to get along with Humans though none would attack them unless provoked (Spare the Bathrast) and therefore can generally wander the lands of Mordan, but should not expect help from other typical races (Bar Dwarves). Humans usually travel in pacts or in groups for safety. It is recommended that if you are new to Role-playing, that you're first character is a Human. The average lifespan of a human is Adulthood at 21, Elder at 60 and death usually at around 80 (Not official).


Click here for main article on Bathrasts'

The Bathrast were once gentle creatures, half-human and half-demon born creatures who's appearance can usually differ. Records indicate back from the Sixth Age, when the Humans found the Bathrast they grew their numbers in an attempt to purge them. Little did they realize that the Bathrast were powerful creatures, they possessed a human torso, but stood on hoozes and have large, beastily arms that gave the impression of endless strength and endurance. They cover their faces with masks to hide their "Birth scars". Bathrast are generally the "Big and tough" race which focus more on strength than anything else, they are immune to all magic though, beneficial or not. Although spells that manipulate the air or cause fire damage etc will still affect them (Use common sense, if you're not sure then ask.) Their starting stats are as follows which may be increased by 8 points at level 1:

Strength - 13

Agility - 9

Intelligence - 10

Stamina - 13

Magic - N/A

Senses - 8

Attribute - Demon Spawns

NOTE: Bathrast lack a nose and therefore can not smell. This thereby reduces their Senses stats. Bathrast have a natural rivalry with humans and few will take their side. Bathrast have a shaky alliance with the Varna's and have been known to communicate fairly with Elves. They have the unique Attribute of Demon Spawns and have a fade connection to magic. While some Bathrast can become capable mages, most tend to stick to more combat reliant roles. The average lifespan of a Bathrast is Adulthood at 12, Elder at 30 and death is usually around 40 (Not official)


Click here for main article on Varna's

Varna are a race of near extinct vampires, they have pasty skin, lean bodies, a single fang and tend to wonder the plains of Mordan alone. Varna possess minor shapeshifting abilities which allow them to transform into a horde of insects. The Varna are usually mistaken for their Elven counterparts, who have a somewhat similar appearance. Varna tend to try and avoid contact with each other and are usually regarded as "free-agents" usually working as mercenaries or assassins for factions. The Varna is the only race that does not have it's own set of factions and therefore can join any faction (That are not invitation required) of any race.

Strength - 8

Agility - 13

Intelligence - 10

Stamina - 8

Magic - 11

Senses - 10

'Attribute - Insect 'Disperse

The Varna have a shaky ancient alliance with the Bathrast that if the Bathrast where to ever assemble an Army the Varna are called to arms with their cause. This alliance, of course has been around since before this generation of Varna were brood and for that reason it is unknown as to whether or not the Varna will follow through if they are ever called by the Bathrast. The Varna were once immortal long ago but their Varna Gods removed their immortality til they "deem the Varna of worth to Mordan". For this reason, the Varna tend to work for other factions they believe will prove to the Varnaian Gods they are worthy and regain their immortality. The average lifespan of a Varna is Adulthood at 65, Elder at 185 and death at 210 (Not official)


Click here for main article on Elves

The Elves of Mordan were once one of the only united races within Mordan, but due to recent conflicts they are like the other races, split by civil war. Elves stand roughly at the same height as humans and have distinctively longer ears and hands, have lean bodies and their eyes tend to glow depending on their moods. They are sometimes mistaken for their Varna counterparts due to their similar appearance, though Elves are much more intuned with magic than Varna. Elves have a unique healing attribute which allows them to thrust their hands through trees and suck the life force out of it to heal minor wounds, though this takes up a lot of energy at lower levels.

Strength - 7

Agility - 10

Intelligence - 11

Stamina - 7

Magic - 13

Senses - 12

Attribute - Plant Surge

Contrary to popular belief, Elves do not generally tend to mind humans as a species and believes they are on their way to destroying their stereotype. Elves despise the Verna and see them as a "lesser" being, this usually can cause rifts between faction members who are Varna. Elves do tend to see themselves as a "superior" species compared to others and this attitude can generally cause rifts with others. Elves lack the ability to swim and therefore water-based spells have a harsher effect on elves and are naturally scared of the ocean, although they tolerate being aboard ships. The average lifespan of an Elf is Adulthood at 50, Elder at 180 and death at 210 (Not official)


Click here for main article on Dwarves

The Dwarfs and humans share a strong alliance in the world of Mordan, the Dwarfs are short and stand at around 4 foot tall and are built quite muscular and stout. Unlike common stereotypes, Dwarfs are not alcoholic binge drinkers and prefer to smoke a pipe over drink a pint. While some may have heartly personalities, they are as unique as any other person. Dwarfs are usually split between dedicated mages and mighty warriors. Through vigorious training, Dwarfs are able to stomp their feet on the ground and cause a disturbance on the ground, shaking it by the sheer amount of force they possess.

Strength - 12

Agility - 8

Intelligence - 10

Stamina - 11

Magic - 12

Senses - 7

Attribute - Ground Shatter

As a Dwarf who's spent most of his time in the dark mines of Mordan, Dwarven eyes are do suffer in outside light and aren't as acute. While this isn't a major disadvantage, it does prevent them from adjusting to light quickly and flashes of light will momentarily blind them. As a Dwarf they are allowed free access through the Baltic Tunnels and can move through them much faster than any other race which is an excellent advantage when moving your character around the vast plains of Mordan.

Insert new Race here

Needs to be some sort of super-sense dude with good strength.

Special Classes

As Chapter Stories go forth, you might get the chance of changing your character to a Special Class forever or temporarily. To become a Special Class, an opportunity within the chapter stories must be available. You can not suddenly go "I want to be a Special Class" unless you have asked permission from a storymaster. Special Classes are usually character changes and are not influenced by factions and are influenced slightly by race. Depending on the Special Class, they can be given at different Chapters and scenes if a Storymaster is involved within the story. Only Storymasters can be involved in "turning" your character into a particular Special Class.

The Cursed

Click here for main article on The Cursed

The Cursed are a hybrid race of different races who were infected with the Champion Virus. The cursed are mutate beings with blue or green decaying skin and fragile bodies. While their appearances have been altered greatly, they mostly retain most of their abilities as they were before. Nearly all races despise the Cursed, though certain individuals take pity upon them, due to their grave misfortune. The Cursed are easily controlled by the Arch-Demons as they were the ones who created the Champion Virus in the 8th Age, whenever an Arch-Demon wishes to take mental control of a Cursed being, they will do it with ease making them pawns to the Arch-Demon. Although, Cursed beings are tireless and stronger, meaning they can continue battle for years without tiring or feeling pain. But their bodies become weaker due to skin decaying.

To become a Cursed being, you must be infected with the Champion Virus and survive the encounter. The Sickened are tainted creatures who were once infected by the Champion Virus, though were turned into a mindless drone forced to walk the world infecting others with a single touch. The Sickened are robed, hunchbacked creatures who's only visible limb is an out stretched arm, decayed and bleeding reaching out for it's next victim. Those who do not survive the Champion Virus become one of these Sickened.

Once you have become a Cursed being, you may select one of the two following stat changes:

Strength - +5

Stamina - Unlimited (tireless)

Agility - -4


Magic - +5

Stamina - Unlimited (tireless)

Agility - -4

Being a Cursed being is not reversible til the end of a Chapter, so choose wisely if you are given the opportunity to become one whether or not you truly mean wish to. Along with the stat increase, the character gains a new Attribute which allows them to melt their bodies into the ground, known as Phasing, and move to another location potentially escaping danger but at the cost of slowly having to re-animate when coming back from the ground.

Blessed Angels

Click for main article for Blessed Angels

Blessed Angels are beings of holy purity within Mordan. Their bodies give off a faint white aura around them and inspire others around them to cheer for them and calm an atmosphere. Due to their half-demonic structure, Bathrast can not become Blessed Angels. The Angels as a force against the Arch-Demons and are the only creatures on Mordan that they can not control over. Although a Blessed Angel alone is still no match for an Arch-Demon, a group has a chance to go against their might. The Blessed Angels are chosen by the Gods themselves, to those who they believe are so dedicated towards their religion and their beliefs that they deserve the ascension towards the divine rights of becoming a Blessed Angel. The Varna other Varna Angels to a point of cruel jealousy, thus making Blessed Angels of any race hard to get along with the Varna.

Blessed Angels will long white wings from their back and become "Enlightened " by the Gods. If you are given the opportunity to become a Blessed Angel then the following stat changes must take place.

Intelligence - +7

Agility - +5

Strength - -4

Being a Blessed Angel is reverseable and all of the changes made to your character will be reversed back if you lose the class. When you become a Blessed Angel you earn the attribute Calm Song which is a angelic hymn which will calm violent behavior of people around the area, though this effect is not as effective around individuals or large groups of people who are fighting (A Warzone/Battle) as they are too focused on fighting to care for the song, but instead survives as a moral booster for soldiers of the same race/faction. In this RP, their can only be a maximum of 5 Blessed Angels with a maximum of 2 of each race.


Click for main article on Shades

Once the servants to the Arch-Demons, the Arch-Demon Zodaia decided to purge the Shades and re-embed them as "free-agents" within Mordan. While the Arch-Demons control Shades, Shades are free to roam the lands or Mordan and do as they wish. They would usually be summoned to Arch-Demons to do a particular task, but generally melt in with the rest of the inhabitants of Mordan. To them, you are like any other person just that tiny bit better. Any race can become Shades, but Elves are generally prefered race by the Arch-Demons due to their healing abilities and the fact other races do not tend to get along with them. This provides the perfect facade for them, though they will settle for any race they can convert. Only a storymaster can convert your character to a Shade and he/she must be RP'ing a Arch-Demon during the scene.

If you become a Shade, you do not gain any changes to stats. Instead, you gain 2 attributes, the first allows you to merge your body with an objects shadow and reappear within the shadow of an object or person. This is known as Shadow Jumping. The second allows you to take direct control of a person's body and self through this shadow by shadow jumping into their shadow and controlling them like a puppet. This is known as Shadow Puppet. NOTE: If you are using the Shadow Puppet technique on another RP'er, if they're character is a higher level than yours they will resist the effect, whereas if they are equal they will resist greatly but still have minor control and lower levels will have some resistance. 

A Shade is under the control of 1 Arch-Demon, thus each Arch-Demon can have control of 1 Shade and that Arch-Demon may remove their Shade powers at any time.

NPC Races

Here are a list of NPC races which RP'ers may RP with, but not control. Some NPC races can only be part of a scene if a storymaster introduced them, they will be makred as [SM] after their name.

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