When you are in the midst of creating a new character, you need to consider whether this character will be a Primary Character or NPC. There are key differences between them, so it's good to understand the difference.

Primary Characters Edit

The first thing you should note is that your Primary Character is you're main character. When you create a character, you generally create a Primary Character, as this will be one of your main characters. You are allowed up to 3 Primary characters but you are only allow 1 character of each race. You can change the stats on each of them, spending up to 8 points adding on to you're races starting stats. When you create a new Primary character, they must be a level 1, this keeps the RP flowing and keeps a mix of other characters rather than everyone reaching level 7 then having a swarm of level 7 characters. If you're character is killed during a scene, they are dead and can become a "Reserve character". A Reserve character is basically a character who died during a chapter or scene but has the ability to return back to life if the RP'er comes across the opportunity. You may only have 1 character as a Reserve character and only Primary characters may become Reserve characters. A Primary character may par-take within a Chapter scene and normal scenes.

To sum up quickly, a Primary Character does the following:

  • Is your main RP character
  • You can have up to 3 Primary Characters
  • You may only have 1 Primary character of each race
  • If you start a new Primary character, they must be level 1
  • If a Primary character dies, they become a reserve character and therefore can be ressurected.
  • Primary Characters use the stats system
  • They may be used in Chapter scenes
  • You must create a Primary character before you can create a secondary character

NPCs Edit

When RP'ing a scene, you may think that "My character wouldn't be by himself, I wish I had more company to RP with." and Secondary characters allow for this. Secondary characters, are pretty much NPCs (None-playable-characters) but the RP'er controls them. In other words, you basically RP in either first-person or second-person

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