Welcome to Fallen Whispers RP

Fallen Whispers is a Forum-based RPG which will hopefully expand into something more than just a simply story-telling game. Fallen Whispers is a Medieval/Fantasy RP which takes place upon the world "Mordan" where the planet is split by war, crime and corruption. Several races fight alongside and against each other for survival and domination, each with their own goals. But it is not simply a war of the races, several guilds, creeds and armies fight against each other to put their needs above others. But ultimately, the fate of the world is decided by the "Arch-Demons" who have the power to sway any battle, any agreement and possess any mind. But, their actions are not without reason, as the "Age of Dormath" comes to a close, the Arch-Demons must decide upon a new Age for Mordan. But no one knows what will happen to end the age or the start of a new one. Will peace be restored to Mordan? Will the planet be completely annihilated and whipped of all existance? You're existance in Mordan is at threat and time is running short.

Fallen Whispers RP is currently under-development, but hopes that with time and dedication, it will grow to become a popular forum-based RP and potentially more with hopes of comic strips being created, artwork and more if the time and effort is put in the right place. If you're interested in joining and getting involved with Fallen Whispers RP, don't hesitate to look around this wikia for information! This is here to provide potential members will the know-how of how to Forum-RP and get involved with the story of Mordan.

Main ArticlesEdit

At the moment, the wikia is currently being set up. Please do not edit this wikia until further notice, thank you!

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