Creating a character is an important part of forum-based RP. It defines who you are and what character/s you play within the RP. Character profiles can be created on the main forum which is located here *insert forum link* and this article will go indepth of how to create the ideal character for you. Each RP'er is allowed to make up to 3 Primary Characters and as many NPCs (Non-Playable-Characters)as they wish.. The difference between Primary and NPC is simple, your Primary character is the main character you role-play during the RP. His/her skills, story and talents will increase throughout the role-play whereas NPCs are simply there to "fill the game" and make things more interesting by adding more characters to your scene.

The Basics Edit

The one thing that will set your character from the rest is that he/she is completely your character made from your imagination and your creativity. What happens to your character is completely up to you, provided it is within the Guildlines and Roleplay rules. You decide completely what happens to your character, where their from, what they like, what they look like and so much more. But just remember that if you're character is big, bulky and strong, then it's hardly likely that they can be quick, flexible and agile. Just because your character is super-powerful, doesn't mean that their the best! But to prevent the "over-powerful" characters from roaming around the realm of Mordan, the Stats System is set up to stop characters from becoming too powerful too quickly. A level system is also put up which will be set up so dedicated RP'ers will be able to advance their characters and shine above others.

Something you should look out for is remembering you're character as an actual person. If you're character is human and 80 years old, he's hardly going to be able to be jumping around all over the place (less he has a high Agility rating) you need to take into account what you're characters physical and mental limits are. Racial attributes can affect statistics such as lifespan, personality and relationships with other characters must also be taken into account, more information can be found out about races here

The Template System Edit

When you wish to create a new Primary character, you'll need to create a character profile which needs to (vaguely) follow this template. This template is set out to make sure your character fits within the requirements and are not overpowered. Fill in the following template below and post it on the "Character Records" section of the forum.

Name: What is the name of you're character?

Race: What race does he/she belong to?

Faction: What Faction does you're character belong to? (Check the faction first, some require invitations!)

Rank: What rank within the Faction is your character? (Check Factions for details)

Age: How old is your character?

Sex: Male/Female (Race can affect this)

Location: Where in Mordan is you're characters current location? Click here for a map of Mordan

Appearance: What does your character look like? IE clothes, jewelry etc. (Picture optional)

Possessions: What does your character have on him? (Strength will affect this, weapons included here)

Magical Abilities: If you're character has any magical abilities, what are they? (Magic will affect this)

Attributes: What Attributes does your character acquire?

Level: What level is your character?

Personality: What is your characters personality like? IE loner, charismatic etc.

Backstory: How did you're character get to where he is?

If you are confused at all by the template, then here below is a quick example of a basic template.

Name: Mathos Brasket

Race: Human

Faction: The Cold Fire

Rank: Royal Guard

Age: 37

Sex: Male

Location: Wanders Forest

Appearance: Mathos is a moderately tall man, standing at a good 5 foot 11 with a toned body and broad shoulders. His head is bald and his body covered in his Royal Guard armour which consists of large ruby shoulder armour with the Cold Dire insignia upon it, silver gauntlets and armour that covers both his arms and a bare chest. His legs are covered with iron leggings held up by a leather belt. Mathos' body has expressed a lot of combat and therefore is covered with scars from war. He has a distinct scar going diagonally across his face from his right eye to the bottom left side of his face.

Possessions: Cold Fire Standard upon his back, two short blades on his belt.

Magical Abilities: Mathos does not possess any magical abilities

Attributes: Standard Bearer's cry, Short Sword Specialist

Personality: Mathos is a silent and friendly person, as a Royal Guard he is mainly a morale booster upon the battlefield and prefers nothing more than to feel his enemy bleed upon his blade. If an allie is wounded, he will be quick to defend them til they can be brought back to safety. He is never afraid to put his life in front of another, as is his duty as a Royal Guard of the Cold Fire.

Backstory: Mathos was born in the *Insert city* slums as nothing more than a common peasant. He recieved no formal education and therefore could not grasp the basics of magic. Some might say this puts him at a natural disadvantage on the battlefield, but during his teens he joined "The Cold Fire" insurrection movement and was taught how to fight against Mages and learnt to master the Magi Resistance technique that would help him later in his career. As a natural fighter, Mathos flew through the ranks of the Cold Fire and soon became a Royal Guard within the ranks.

Mathos hopes to one day become the leader of the Cold Fire and lead them into pulling together the Human race upon Mondar.

NOTE: Mathos is not a valid character, but if a storymaster would like to use Mathos as a character they are free to do so.

As you can see, it doesn't take a lot of effort to create an original and creative character. Look around the wikia and find out more about locations, races and factions before making your character though, this makes sure that you can create a character you will enjoy roleplaying and will be more likely to want to stick to.

Stats and Attributes Edit

When you make a character, you're character will begin at level 1 and will have only a basic number of stats (Less permission for a higher level from a Storymaster is given). The choice of Race and faction can -and in some cases will- manipulate the stats and additional attributes that you're character can or will recieve upon creation. Stats and attributes will mainly affect you're Primary Character, although if you wish they can also affect an NPC if a scene requires it.

Stats Edit

Stats are divided into different groups and each character gains new points as they advance each level. There are 6 stats which develop as a character grows and will increase and/or decrease as a character age and develops. The 6 main stats are Agility, Intelligence, Magic, Strength, Senses and Stamina.

Strength determines how strong your character is, obviously the stronger they are the more muscular they are. A strong character is able to break boulders with their fists and carry much heavier weapons and armour than a weaker character.

Agility determines how fast and flexible your character is, the higher your agility the faster you are! A fast character can run quickly, jump higher than the average person and would be able to use their weapons much faster in combat.

Intelligence determines how smart tour character is, the higher your intelligence the smarter you are. Smart characters are able to perform more spells than usual and become experienced in the art of combat and general knowledge. They can figure out problems much faster than a stupid person could.

Stamina determines how lasting your character is, the higher your stamina the more energetic you are. Stamina is what keeps you going, a character with a lot of stamina will easily outlast anyone in a fight and has a much higher pain threshold. If you have a lower stamina, you are more likely to overcome from pain than someone else.

Magic determines how powerful a Mage you are, the higher you're Magic rating the more powerful spells become. Magic allows you to manipulate the arcane and use it to you're own will, a high understanding of Magic allows you to use more powerful spells inside and outside of combat.

Senses determines how well you use you're senses to you're advantage. A master of the senses can hear a snail move along the road from a mile away, see a needle in a haystack and much more.

Stats are the foundation of your Primary Character, you're character will be based around these stats and will help others understand what sort of character yours is. For example, if your character is an Male Elf Mage he is bound to have a high magic and intelligence while might be lacking in strength. Stats also help prevent people from making characters which are beyond the normal allowance for a "newbie" character.

Character Stats Edit

When you first create your character you will begin with a level 1 character and depending on you're race will have different stats to most others. Each stat starts at "10" traditionally although different races might have different starting stats. Below is an example of Mathos' stats current at level 4:

Strength - 19

Agility - 13

Intelligence - 15

Stamina - 17

Magic - 10

Senses - 10

Lets just take note of these stats. Clearly, Mathos is a very strong character and has a high stamina. This means he is strong in combat and can handle a lot of pain. He is moderately intelligent for his level and a little bit slow, surely what he makes up with with raw strength. He also lacks a lot of magical abilities, due to Mathos not being able to use ANY magical spells and only is able to resist moderate forms of magic, he has a low magic stat.

Now let's take a look at Mathos when he was a level 1:

Strength: - 13

Agility - 10

Intelligence - 12

Stamina - 12

Magic - 10

Senses - 10

Back at level 1, Mathos didn't seem quite as strong now did he? As you gain the experience points, you are able to level up and can spend 8 stat powers on increasing you're characters stats. To begin with, each stat starts at 10 and you can spend 8 points increasing them per level. So the more levels you reach, the stronger you're character gets. The more powerful a character becomes, the better spells, equipment and weapons they can possess and use.

Attributes Edit

Attributes are special "perks" that characters have as they gain a level. Each race has it's own set of perks that can be learnt through RP or by leveling up and doing particular tasks can earn you specialized attributes. Attributes give characters a more "talented" and "experienced" feel and puts them above others who are below them. Sometimes certain ranks within factions allow for special Attributes. Note; Attributes are made for combat purposes and not always for Role-playing. They mostly just give more diversion during player vs player, player vs NPC RP. Different races have different starting Attributes, check the races article for more information on starting attributes.

Leveling and Experience Points Edit

When you first make your character, you start as a level 1. When you create RP stories and finish them, you gain Experience Points depending on how well your story went. When you gain enough Experience Points, you gain a level and therefore can increase your stats and select a new attribute. Levels determine how strong you're character is, so the longer you roleplay with your character, the stronger and more powerful they become.

Levels Edit

As stated before, when you first create your character you are simply a level 1. As you start to Role-Play more and more, you will gain experience points, gain ranks and more. When you earn enough experience points to level up, your character will generally gain either a new rank or simply just level up (If you're character does not belong to a faction). Levels reward RP'ers who stick by the roleplay and gives RP'ers something to strive towards. Do you want to be recognized above all other characters in Mordan? Then get writing!

Levels are also to help determine how well your character would fair in combat situations. War is common in Mordan, so you better be prepared for it! Petty fights can also be judged by the level system, this just makes it seem more realistic and helps the course of the role-play if it is clear who is the superior character in the situation. Don't focus too much on winning the fight, take advantage of your characters skills as that will be what earns you experience points. The more role-play you do and the more organized and interesting it is, the more points you will earn and the quicker you will level up.

Experience Points Edit

When you finish a particular scene for your characters, Experience points can be awarded to the RP'ers which helps them reach their next level. Storymasters will decide at the end of each scene whether or not Experience Points are given out and how much. Crudely written, same old same old and boring stories will yield you no experience points, nor will 50'000 posts in one scene with a few sentences. The quality of writing will be awarded experience points, a good story will earn good experience. But there are certain rules that must be abided.

  • You can not give yourself experience points, this is looked down upon and if you are caught giving yourself experience points then you're character risks being deleted and or losing a level/Experience points.
  • Only a Storymaster may give our experience points.
  • Experience points are given by how well the writer portrays their character and understands their abilities and limitations.
  • Characters who go around winning every battle and killing all the demons will not gain experience points.
  • A minimum of 3 other RP'ers must post within your scene before experience points can be given.

When you're character gains enough Experience points to level up, they level up and can add on to their stats. Be warned though, experience points are recorded by the storymasters and will be able to see if any "subtle" changes are made.

The number of experience points required to level up are as follows;

Level 1 - Level 2 = 5'000 points.

Level 2 - Level 3 = 50'000 points.

Level 3 - Level 4 = 250'000 points.

Level 4 - Level 5 = 500'000 points.

Level 5 - Level 6 = 1'000'000 points.

Level 6 - Level 7 = 2'500'000 points

You are probably thinking "Woow! That's a lot of points!" but you have to remember that experience points are given on a regular basis and dedicated characters will be needed before they can earn enough to level up. We can't all have super-powerful characters! If you feel though that you deserve more experience points than you got for a particular scene, you can always appeal for more points if valid reasons are given. If a storymaster believes that you appeal too much or too often, then the allowance to appeal for more points is removed and you can not argue with the amount given. But if another storymaster feels you have been awarded too little/too much, you will be notified and a change can be made.

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